What do you think happens to the refrigeration gases when you dispose of your fridge?

When the unit is not disposed of properly, the refrigeration gases will be exposed to the atmosphere, which then damages the ozone layer.  Here at the Aircono we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. Why take the following steps to ensure that your old refrigeration unit is disposed of in an environmentally friendly.

1. We take refrigerant out of the system.

2. The gases are then transferred by a recovery machine into a specially designed cylinder approved by the Environmental Agency.

3. The cylinders are taken to BOC gases who send them to the specially design facilities where it is destroyed.

We at the Aircono follow the Kyoto Protocol greenhouses gases and ozone depletion.

The Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol mutually supportive say top UN Officials.

“The Montreal Protocol is successfully assisting in the repair and recovery of the ozone layer. The Kyoto Protocol is tackling perhaps the greatest challenge of our generation – climate change. However, what is also emerging in 2007, and emerging with ever greater clarity, is that both treaties are mutually supportive across several key fronts.”

“The Parties to the Kyoto Protocol have been guided by the dual objective of safeguarding the climate and protecting the ozone layer when shaping climate action. This dual objective has also guided the regulation applied to the generation of CDM carbon market credits from the destruction of HFC-23 in older refrigerant factories. New plants and expanded production do not qualify under the CDM.”

“Steps to accelerate the phase-out of HCFCs under the Montreal Protocol would make a significant contribution to the global effort to address climate change. The potential in this area is very encouraging and, when combined with significant opportunities to reduce emissions from other sectors, such as energy, buildings and deforestation, demonstrates that solutions to the climate threat are available. The Bali conference needs to put in motion a global campaign to capture all of these opportunities and the Montreal Protocol can continue to make a contribution, building on its past successes.”