Nowadays, having air conditioners in homes, offices and shops has become natural. In warmer climates, having air conditioning may be luxury for some, but for many it is a necessity.The right combination of product and technology can give the comfort you need and increase your air conditioner’s efficiency.

The best way to improve efficiency is to keep your air conditioner maintained.

Aircono does this by:

  • Sealing leaky ducts: air conditioner owners do not realise that leaky ducts can reduced the efficiency of the unit by 50-70%
  • Cleaning filters: blocked filters can increase energy consumption and reduce cooling/heating capacity. By having the filter cleaned you will save yourself a considerable amount of money.
  • Cleaning coils with antibacterial chemicals: this will prevent the spreading of germs and unpleasant smells.
  • Checking the electric connections: a thorough check is done to ensure that the system is save.
  • Checking the pressure of the refrigerant: if a unit has too much or too little of the refrigerant, the system may not work efficiently.
  • Checking the condensation pump and removal line: these should be checked regularly to prevent a blockage.
  • Checking the temperature of the air inlet and outlet: this procedure will ensure that your unit is performing at its best.

The high quality products, fit, finish and workmanship are all crucial to a perfectly working system.

If your air conditioning unit requires servicing, contact Aircono Limited for a quote.