Do you want to prepare your air conditioning equipment in the house for the winter season? There are several steps that must be done to take care of your equipment and prevent breakdowns. Here are a few of them! 

  1. Remember to clean your AC. Remove of them bird droppings and leaves. Remove any twigs and clear away things that have grown up around the unit. You need the ventilation around it so make sure it’s free from high grass and plants.
  2. It is important to check your AC every week. Keep the unit clutter free and it should start fine come spring.
  3. Fire up your heater to make sure it’s running efficiently is also another thing that you may want to do while you’re preparing your AC for winter season.
  4. Don’t forget about replace your air filter. You should be doing this regularly anyway, based on the manufacturer’s suggestions, but the coming of the winter season is also a good reminder to do it.

If you need help to preparing your air conditioning equipment for the winter season, feel ferr to contact us. We would like to advise you on how to secure your equipment and check it technically. You can find contact information in the Contact tab.